07 Sep

3 Things Monica Does So Right with the #SoGoneChallenge

Every brand dreams of logging onto social media and seeing notable mentions that bring positive attention their way. This is exactly what happened for Monica Brown when the #SoGoneChallenge went viral this month. We discuss how the challenge went viral, and how Monica took full advantage of the challenge without missing a beat.

The #SoGoneChallenge Goes Viral

In case you missed it, the #SoGoneChallenge was all over the place in recent weeks, as social media users posted videos of themselves freestyling and singing to Monica’s 2003 Missy Elliott-produced hit, “So Gone.” The challenge got a huge boost on August 10th thanks to Chance the Rapper’s contribution, a video that now has over 250 thousand retweets.

Notable people and social media users everywhere recorded their renditions of “So Gone,” posting them with the hashtag #SoGoneChallenge. As people came together to contribute their bars to the (still) dope, 13 year old beat, we found ourselves appreciating the nostalgic vibe of the challenge as we debated over whose verse was the best.

3 Lessons from Monica & the #SoGoneChallenge

Monica gets an A+ for the way she responded to the #SoGoneChallenge. She embraced the virality of the challenge by doing three very important things:

  1. She acknowledged the challenge. Luckily, Monica is not new to using social media. She uses Instagram heavily, and when she heard about the challenge and Chance’s participation, she did not brush it off. She saw the challenge as not only an honor to her music, but as an opportunity to engage with her fans and participants.
  2. She participated. Monica did not just sit on the sidelines to watch and comment on the challenge videos that were uploaded with the hashtag. She got together with Missy Elliott to participate herself, dropping a new verse on the beat. Not only does her participation in the challenge display her enthusiasm; it shows that she’s still a great vocalist!
  3. She highlighted participants. Monica has always been inclusive with her brand, happily sharing relevant posts from fans and social media users. In this case, she reposted some of her favorite challenge submissions -and not just from celebrities. Monica gave users from all walks of life their shine as she highlighted the skills from challenge participants.

While Monica is not the creator of the #SoGoneChallenge, she most definitely owned it and saw a major wave in sales as a result. As a marketer, I wondered: “how much is this affecting her sales?” The challenge has clearly had a huge affect on both her music and apparel sales. Apple reports that the 2003 single has seen a sales increase of more than 400%, while streaming is up over 200%. Spotify and YouTube also saw an incredible increase in streams and views since Chance the Rapper’s rendition took off.

Will you choose to own the fortuitous circumstances that come your way? Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide. Check out some of the best #SoGoneChallenge videos below.

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