11 Jan

4 New Year’s Resolutions that will Revive your Social Media Presence

2016 is well underway, and along with your new year’s resolutions to stay in the gym and eat more vegetables, don’t forget to include these four habits that will boost your social media presence and grow your brand! 

  1. I will develop specific measurable objectives – What specific goals do you have for your website and business? Define your objectives and be sure to establish key performance indicators (KPI’s). Every business is different, but examples of KPI include: complete and incomplete transactions, unique visitors to checkout page, average order value, return on investment (per traffic source), and more. With specific KPI’s set, you will better understand what calls to action your social media posts should include, and what types of content you should post to each platform.
  2. I will deliver consistent value – Take a moment to check your platform insights. Both Facebook and Twitter will show you which posts get the most engagement, as well as what topics your audience is interested in. Pay attention to the trends and be sure that you’re ONLY posting content that delivers value to your target audiences. Depending on your business, it may benefit you to become a resource to them. Post social media content that will both educate your audience, and position you as an authority in your industry. Focus on quality over quantity, and make sure that all posts are a positive reflection on your brand and values. (For more tips on content creation, be sure to go back and read 5 Reasons Why your Social Media Content gets Zero Engagement)
  3. I will practice social listening – Don’t just log onto your social networks when you have something to say -log in and spend some time reading your newsfeed and timelines to keep up with hot topics and what’s going on in the lives of your target audience. This will improve the timing in which you post, and shape your content to be more effective- you’ll know what they care about, how they communicate, and be able to emulate this vibe with your content. Also, set keyword alerts for relevant phrases or words, so that when triggered, you can follow and engage new users with your social media content.
  4. I will measure the effectiveness of my social media strategy regularly – It’s not enough to check those Facebook insights whenever you feel like it or remember to do so. If you’ve developed those measurable objectives per resolution #1 above, then you should be checking in regularly to see where you stand. Start by setting aside a day at the end of each month to check Google Analytics -how many users were lead to your site from social media platforms? What are their interests? What are their demographics? What are your site’s conversion rates? Yes, you can see all of this valuable information in seconds, and guess what, it’s free! And of course you should be monitoring the built-in analytics for each social media platform to learn more about your most successful posts and your audiences.

Were these four resolutions on your list? Do you need help in one of the areas mentioned above? Comment below with your feedback! If you’re serious about utilizing social media for marketing and branding, you’ll have to incorporate these four practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy and measure your return on investment!


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