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Without customers or clients, you essentially have no business. The truth, is that people are watching TV, listening to radio, and reading print less and less every day. The playing field has moved to laptop and smartphone screens, where your target audience is no doubt checking Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or YouTube at this very moment.

Think about this seriously –is your brand capitalizing on the value of social media? Do you know where your target audience is online? Are you creating content that they care about? What is your current return on investment when it comes to building relationships that convert into business?

Questions like these can seem a bit overwhelming; especially if your social media strategy isn’t up to par –that’s where we come in.

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Alexia Clincy

Alexia Clincy, Founder & Executive Director

At Capitalize Social, we’re passionate about business development and the vital role that relationship building plays in that process. A digital native herself, Alexia Clincy, Founder of Capitalize Social, recognizes social media as an effective way to bridge the gap between brands and their fans. Moreover, she noticed that businesses were failing to take full advantage of these tools due to a lack of education around the underlying concepts associated with social media. Early success with social media strategy development and implementation quickly led to her becoming the most sought after social media trainer in the Washington DC area.

Education is the driving force behind Capitalize Social. We want you to truly understand the importance of social media marketing and how it can be utilized to broaden brand awareness, generate leads, and take your business to astronomical heights.

Whether your social media presence is nonexistent or well defined, we’re confident that our trainers and consultants will further revolutionize the way you handle social media marketing. Our goal is to match creativity with cutting edge strategies that are sure to bring you closer to your bottom line objectives.

Over the years, Alexia has been a steady hand in offering insightful, tailored advice on how to improve my organization’s social media content and reach. In addition, she has gone above and beyond in speaking at our White House panels and brown bags and volunteering at our White House Summit on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, a historic gathering of 1500+ leaders across the country. Alexia is a master of her trade -professional, savvy, and creative. 

Rebecca Lee, Communications Director at the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders 

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