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18 Aug

Authenticity in Social Media with Travis Bond

In addition to case studies and how-to style blog posts, I’ve decided to add a little something different to the mix. Every month, you can look forward to a new episode of Viewpoints -discussion style interviews with top professionals in the field of digital and social media marketing. As I thought about who I’d interview for the very first episode, my good friend, Travis Bond, was the first person who came to mind. read more

15 Mar
02 Mar

Optimize your Next Event with Social Media [Checklist Included]

I find myself explaining to clients over and over again that social media alone means nothing; that effective social media marketing is really about giving your audience something to talk about. Events are just that – something for your audience to talk about. Not only do events give participants direct value with information from displays, speakers, panelists, etc., but they also showcase your brand as one worth following on social media. read more

24 Feb

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