13 Sep

Building a Community Around Your Passion with Jarrie Bradshaw

In this episode of Viewpoints, I interview writer and social media strategist, Corey Townsend aka Jarrie Bradshaw, about how he’s created a community around something he loves (and that we all should love) -brunch!

Shortly after bonding over foodie tweets, I learned that he’s currently developing social media strategy and content for @BrunchNoir in celebration of “brunchin’ beauties & beaus of the African diaspora.” His love for entertaining through his words (and food) have led to the success of the Brunch Noir brand that is rapidly growing via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Join us for Episode 2, as we discuss building a social media community around your passion.

“Let’s face it, brunch without mimosas is just a sad breakfast…” –see how @JarrieBradshaw is growing the @BrunchNoir community using social media


In this episode we cover:

  • Why storytelling is essential to social media success
  • The importance of creating eye-catching content
  • How to find the right tone that connects with your audience
  • How to start a social media community around a specific need or interest
  • Why you should focus on building community before monetizing your brand
  • Ways to strategically grow your Twitter following
  • Why quality matters most when it comes to your followers
  • The importance of having a professional personal brand


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