23 Aug

Creating Buzz with Social Media All-Access: A Burberry Case Study

Social media is great for giving audiences a behind the scenes peek into their favorite brands. Through visual platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope, companies give their fans first access to products and news, as well as all-access to live events. Even well-established luxury brand, Burberry, takes advantage of social media by giving its audience all-access passes to participate in events virtually. In this article, we discuss Burberry’s strategy for opening its events to social media users, and brainstorm ways that you can apply lessons from this case-study to your brand. 

Burberry Gives Periscope Users an All-Access Pass

Burberry is quite proud of its more forward-thinking approach to social media marketing. In April 2015, the brand launched on both Periscope and Snapchat.  This launch was perfectly timed, allowing them to give fans an up close and personal Periscope broadcast of a fashion show, live from Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Burberry promoted the event via multiple social media platforms, encouraging users to tune in on Periscope for “all-access” to the venue. Not only did viewers enjoy seeing models strut down the catwalk in the latest fashion; but they witnessed show-stopping music performances as well -all from a virtual front row seat. Burberry was able to create a huge buzz around its fashion show, thanks to the many people viewing the event from their smartphones. With conversation buzzing around this particular event, more conversation was also centered around the Burberry brand and its products.

Live Stream Your Next Event

What perks do your social media audiences receive? What content do they see that they are unable to get elsewhere? Give your audience insight into your brand by including behind the scenes and all-access content to your social media strategy.

By live streaming an event, you expose your brand to more people and new networks . Think of it as a way to give them something to talk about. Take advantage of Twitter by streaming with Periscope. Twitter recently acquired Periscope; so your Periscope feed plays live within the Twitter timeline of everyone who follows you. When users retweet the feed, it will also play in the timelines those in their networks. Within Periscope, users have the ability to comment on what they’re seeing. When planning your next event, assign someone to serve as your Periscope reporter. This person will be responsible for recording and narrating via the platform, as well as acknowledging comments and questions. For more tips on live-streaming your next event, revisit this blog post from earlier in the year on enhancing your brand with live-streaming apps.

More Access Equals More Brand Loyalty

As you grow your community on social media, relationships turn into brand loyalty . As users interact more with their favorite brands, they’re also more inclined to support and do business with them. You’re probably already taking photos and videos at your events to post to social. Take it a step further with live-streaming to see what type of buzz you can create in real time? Take a page from Burberry’s social media strategy, and use your platforms to get as many eyes as possible on your brand via events, special guests, and other exclusive surprises. This all-access content is sure to keep your audiences coming back for more.

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