24 Feb

Enhance your Brand with Live Streaming Apps – #DreamDiggersChat

Last week I was honored to be the guest co-host of #DreamDiggersChat, where we discussed live streaming and how to incorporate it into your digital strategy! If you missed it, you can find excerpts below, as written by Young Dream Diggers founder, Lynette Johnson. 

Live streaming is now more popular and convenient than ever, thanks to some popular apps like Periscope and Blab, just to name a few. So we just had to make that the topic of this week’s #DreamDiggersChat! Specifically, we discussed how live streaming apps can enhance your brand. Joining us as a guest co-host was Alexia Clincy, the Executive Director of Capitalize Social (@Cap_Social).

Below is an excerpt from the #DreamDiggersChat: Enhance Your Brand with Live Streaming Apps.

@DreamDiggers: What are some different ways to use live streaming apps to enhance your brand?

@Cap_Social: Live streaming apps are great for brands because they have so many uses: Q&A’s, interviews, insider access, live events. Think of live streaming apps as a way to show exclusive content or further portray your expertise and personality. And of course live streaming apps are great for leading training sessions! It all depends on your brand and industry.

@DreamDiggers: What are the benefits of using live streaming apps as a part of your digital strategy?

@Cap_Social: Live streaming shows your brand personality! It also allows you to acknowledge your audience and let them interact. Another benefit of live streaming is giving that feeling that your biggest fans are getting insider access to content. With live streaming apps, you can really create authentic relationships with your BIGGEST fans.

@DreamDiggers: What is your favorite live streaming app to use and why?

@Cap_Social: My favorite live streaming app to use right now is Periscope. Especially now that it plays within Twitter now! Also with Periscope, your broadcasts are available for 24 hours to viewers. Blab is also cool, for more social live streaming – it’s more for groups. We could be chatting all on video there.

@DreamDiggers: What are some things you should do or keep in mind BEFORE pressing that broadcast button?

@Cap_Social: Before you hit that broadcast button, remember there are NO re-do’s! Have a clear plan for what you’ll discuss. Consider an outline for the training, Q&A, or discussion you plan to have, because you HAVE to keep your viewers engaged. @DreamDiggers: Should you practice first? @Cap_Social: You don’t necessarily have to practice, but should be comfortable & knowledgeable on your content. Live streaming is actually GREAT practice for public speaking – you don’t have to be perfect here.

@DreamDiggers: What are some best practices to keep in mind DURING your live stream?

@Cap_Social: Repeat yourself and the point of the broadcast for new viewers every few minutes.  And don’t forget to always have a call to action! Send them to your site, or to opt-in or to follow you!

@DreamDiggers: What do you predict will be the future of live streaming apps?

@Cap_Social: More and more brands are dedicating resources to live streaming; create a strategy for it now! The future of live streaming is brand ambassadors, charging others with the task of streaming and showing the brand. Also, the future of live streaming is a focus on content scarcity – creating content that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Now, with all of the live streaming apps, we can turn micro experiences into macro events, take advantage of it!


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