25 Aug

Mastering the Art of Networking

This week I was honored to serve as a special guest to discuss networking on Divergent Thought; a radio program that provides insights into a variety of issues that impact us all on a professional and personal level. Listen to episode four; and comment below to let us know if you agree with our insight, and if you have networking tips to share!


Divergent Thought





Listen to Episode 4 of Divergent Thought
4 – “Networking and Mentoring”

This episode covers:

  • Why networking is important
  • How to network effectively & strategically by providing value
  • The importance & value of mentorship
  • Why you should network with people from different backgrounds
  • When to build bridges & when to stop building with your contacts
  • Best methods for staying connected with the people in your network
  • The theory of weak ties, & why they’re important to your network
  • How you can use LinkedIn to cultivate your network
  • Best practices for growing your social media networks
  • The pros & cons to networking with social media
  • How to create your brand without overly self-promoting
  • Actionable steps for growing your social media following
  • The importance of cultural awareness as pertains to networking
  • Ways to expand your network beyond your current circle


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