15 Jun

Social Media and the Future of Television

Who needs cable when so many of your favorite shows and sporting events are available to be streamed online?

Between fire sticks, subscription services like Netflix and Hulu, smart tv, and now social media platforms -more traditional television watchers are ditching cable to watch programing on demand or live and online directly from providers.

As television viewership continues to decline, social networking sites are jumping at the opportunity to develop their own video programming. In the second half of the Marketplace Tech episode below, I spoke with Kimberly Adams about Facebook specifically, and their upcoming plans for scripted video programming:

Facebook, however, is not the only social networking site that will incorporate scripted video programming. You can expect to see similar features from YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter as well:


In an effort to target younger users and increase ad revenue, Facebook has decided to launch its first tv-like shows (reportedly coming in mid-June, but we’ll see if it gets pushed back once again). The social media platform will have feature both high quality shows (think Netflix) as well as shorter, more raw content (think web series). Many Facebook users may utilize the standalone video app for Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV to consume new programming.


Obviously video oriented in nature, it comes as no surprise that YouTube is experimenting with scripted programming in an effort to increase dropping ad support. Be on the lookout for shows with big name celebrities like Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres, and Katy Perry soon. This original programming will be made available to all, and will not be restricted to the YouTube Red subscription service.


Look for changes to your Snapchat Discovery page soon. The Snap team has also been meeting with content creators to make new show deals. It will be interesting to see how shows will be laid out -long form video? video broken down into snap-like segments? Many users are in and out of the Snapchat platform throughout the day to watch short snaps at leisure. Do you see yourself logging in to Snapchat to watch full video programming?


More than likely, you’ve already watched a political debate or NFL game via the discover tab in Twitter. What you may not have known, is that the social networking site recently announced that it’s building a 24/7 streaming video service with Bloomberg. Twitter users will now have access to more sports, news, and primetime entertainment style shows that revolve around #WhatsHappening.

Opportunity for Content Creators

These updates raise the following questions: how will traditional television adapt in order to compete with non-subscription based video programming? Will scripted video programming be a successful feature on all social network sites? Would you log on to an app available to mobile only to watch a show? For content creators, the playing field continues to open up with new opportunity. If you are developing high quality video content, do not fail to direct your marketing efforts towards community building in order to catch the eyes and dollars of social networking sites.

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