19 Sep

Welcome to Instagram, Kanye West! (Finally)

After years of fans asking him to get on the platform, Kanye West has finally created an official Instagram account! As a self-proclaimed genius and visual creative, I’m surprised it took him this long to hop on the visual platform, and I’m excited to see what he will post.


What I’m not surprised about, is the fact that within six hours of the account going live, he had gained 670 thousand followers, including myself. At the time of this post, he’s already reached 919 thousand followers. But that’s to be expected -from me at least. He hasn’t made any official announcement on other platforms like Twitter; but I’m sure that if he does, he’ll hit the million followers mark by day’s end.


When your real life is popping, your social media engagement is bound to follow suit. As an artist with over 21 million albums sold, a clothing line, famous wife and now family -it’s no wonder people have flocked to follow the Walt Disney of our era to see what he’ll post for our viewing pleasure (or most likely his own).


Hopefully he’ll give us a well rounded peek into his life, and not just blatantly sell clothes and shoes (which I’m not mad at, because business is business). But only time will tell!


If you haven’t already, follow @KanyeWest on Instagram and check out his first and only post (as of now)

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